About 10 Things You Didn't Know About...

Expert geologist and broadcaster Prof Iain Stewart presents the four-part series 10 Things You Didn't Know About… which sees Iain reveal some surprising facts about the planet’s astonishing natural phenomena.



There's much more to volcanoes than death and destruction. Iain’s investigations suggest that although eruptions are some of the deadliest events in nature, without them the planet would be a very different place.


Iain travels across mountain ranges and glaciers to reveal 10 remarkable stories about snow surges. Braving mountain ranges and glaciers to reveal the hidden world of avalanches, Iain uncovers the story of how the deadliest avalanche killed 18,000 people in three minutes.

Prof Iain Stewart


Iain Stewart reveals the stories and science behind earthquakes. In seconds, these formidable forces of nature can shake a town to destruction and shift the landscape forever, Iain investigates why quakes can last 60 times longer on the moon than on Earth!


Iain Stewart explores the most powerful giant waves in history and one of the most destructive natural forces of them all. Tsunamis caused the ruin of an ancient civilization, and may have played a small part in the demise of the dinosaurs.