Cheese-rolling in Gloucestershire

Every week of the year there is something amazing going on around the world. Travel writer extraordinaire Tom Hall uncovers the most awe-inspiring places to visit. And this week it's cheese-rolling in Gloucestershire!

Cheese-rolling in Gloucestershire

Spring bank holiday in rural Gloucestershire and thoughts turn to hurtling down a steep hill in pursuit of a weighty round of Double Gloucester cheese.

And the result of this simple rationale – that it is sensible to charge down a near-vertical incline in pursuit of a big cheese – is thousands of spectators coming to Cooper’s Hill each year for one of England’s greatest eccentric events.

With competitors balanced precipitously on the edge of the hill, a local dignitary sets the cheese flying down. It is chased by an assortment of locals, curious out-of-towners and the occasional celebrity. The first to touch the cheese at the foot of the hill wins.

The origins of this possibly ancient event are lost in the mists of time, but despite the occasional minor injury it remains as popular as ever today.

How do I take part in cheese-rolling?

If you fancy a go, all you need to do is head to Brockworth in Gloucestershire on Bank Holiday Monday and hurl yourself off the hill. You may just win some cheese, a crisp fiver and a place in history.

Planning your visit to Gloucestershire

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