In Photos: Earthflight

In Photos: Africa: Earthflight

Africa: Earthflight in Photos

Fly over Africa on the back of a vulture and see the African continent with fresh eyes.

In Photos: South America: Earthflight

South America: Earthflight in Photos

Condors soar along the Andes and scarlet macaws explore the heart of the Amazon.

In Photos: Flying High: Earthflight

Flying High: Earthflight in Photos

Earthflight also relied on some extraordinary relationships.

In Photos: Europe: Earthflight

Europe: Earthflight in Photos

We soar with cranes and geese over Venice, the white cliffs of Dover and Edinburgh.

In Photos: Asia and Australasia: Earthflight

Asia and Australasia: Earthflight in Photos

Demoiselle cranes negotiate a Himalayan pass while bar-headed geese fly five miles above.

In Photos: North America: Earthflight

North America: Earthflight in Photos

Images from the North American episode of Earthflight.