Recommended Reading

The recommended reading for Dino101 has arrived and everyone is getting excited about the start of Eden Dino School in September.

Eden Dino School

Eden Dino School invites you to join us in undertaking the free, online dinosaur paleobiology course from the University of Alberta, called Dino101 - and we've just received the recommended reading!

Reading our new dinosaur books!

Reading our new dinosaur books!

The recommended reading consists of The Complete Dinosaur and Dinosaur Paleobiology, for which you can find more information on the Coursera website. We couldn't wait to get it open and take a peak at what might lie in store (spoiler: it's dinosaurs!)

We have bought one set to share between us, but if you're reluctant to purchase them perhaps your local library has a copy? Otherwise, we'll be sure to share the knowledge we assemble right here!

So, roll on September so we can get started!

What topics you most excited to cover? We're particularly excited about "Attack and Defence"! Stick your thoughts in the comments below.