What is Eden?

What is the Eden channel and how can I watch it on my television?


Celebrating the majesty of the natural world, Eden is the TV channel to watch the very best in wildlife and science, all on Sky 532 or Virgin Media 208. We are also available in beautiful high definition! Eden and HD are a stunning combination.

Eden features the very best of the BBC’s Natural History Unit with Sir David Attenborough, and science programming with Professor Brian Cox, as well as UK premiere acquisitions that explore the world around us and some spectacular adventure and travel programmes. Eden aims to show the world in all its beauty and wonder.

Where do I find Eden?

This means everything from animal behaviour and glorious landscapes to cutting-edge science and life-endangering exploration.

In the TV age, we take for granted underwater images of whales, or magnificent aerial shots of waterfalls. What we forget is that 99.999% of all the people who ever lived never even saw an image of such things, let alone witness a heli-gimballed fly-over. Even for those of us alive today, very few will get to scuba dive in arctic waters or scale Everest; still less penetrate unexplored jungle or discover a new species.

Why don’t you switch over to Eden and get your daily shot of astonishment.