About Bang Goes The Theory

From jetlag, sunburn, lie detectors, volcanic ash, genealogy to sensory perception.

Bang Goes The Theory

Presented by Liz Bonnin, Jem Stansfield, Dallas Campbell and Dr. Yan Wong, each episode is comprised of a blend of family-relevant stories, spectacular stunts, future-facing items, competitive team challenges and street science.

Presenters Yan, Jem, Liz and Dallas

The series is hosted by a gang of presenters who convene at a studio HQ with their kit and gadgets to share banter and their results.

From jetlag, sunburn, lie detectors, volcanic ash, IVF and genealogy to sensory perception, GM foods, recycling, coffee-fuelled cars and square-wheeled motorbikes – nothing is off limits as the gang answers today’s trickiest questions and makes science inspiring, engaging and fun.