About Can We Make a Star on Earth?

Can the human race replicate the power of the sun for our own uses? Can We Make a Star on Earth? Professor Brian Cox takes a globe-trotting journey in search of the energy source of the future.

Professor Brian Cox

Our endless demand for energy has forced us to come up with new answers to the problem of global climate change. Could nuclear fusion hold the answers to the energy crisis? Can we overcome the controversy of nuclear power?

Nuclear fusion is this process that has forged all matter in the universe, and continues to fuel the sun and every other star in the universe. It is the process that transformed the particles that were formed in the Big Bang into heavy atoms like carbon, iron and silicon which went on to build planets, and eventually, people.

In this spectacular documentary, Professor Brian Cox peers beyond the intense glare of our Sun to reveal the hidden forces that provide its power, discovering how this fusion energy has kept our closest star burning for five billion years.

Brian believes humanity must build a star on Earth to ensure survival. Will scientists be able to harness fusion power and achieve abundant, cheap, clean energy?