About The Code

As we try to understand the world around us and how it works and functions, there’s one discipline that may explain everything we need to know.

Marcus Du Sautoy

The Code Clip

In the first episode of this three-part series, Marcus reveals how significant numbers appear throughout the natural world and how they're part of hidden mathematical equations that contain the rules that govern everything on our planet and beyond.

Next Marcus looks at shapes. Starting at the hexagonal columns of Northern Ireland's Giant's Causeway, he discovers the code underpinning the extraordinary order found in nature – from rock formations to honeycomb and from salt crystals to soap bubbles.

The Code

Marcus also reveals the mysterious code that governs the apparent randomness of mountains, clouds and trees, and explores how this could not only be the key to Jackson Pollock's success, but also animated movies.

Finally, Marcus explores the art of prediction and looks at the lunar eclipse – once thought of as supernatural, now routinely predicted through the power of the code. But more intriguing is what the code can say about our future.