Sir David Attenborough on Giant Squid

David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities Producer Stephen Dunleavy interviews Sir David regarding his exciting new natural history series, exclusive to Eden.

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"Are there any creatures that you haven’t been able to see but would still like to?"

David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities

Sir David Attenborough

"Yes, lots!

One of the most obvious and the thing which every wildlife cameraman would give his right arm to film is, of course, the giant squid.

Every wildlife cameraman would give his right arm to film the giant squid.

We know the giant squid exists. Bits of its long arms are washed up on beaches, some in Japan, but particularly in New Zealand, so we know they are there. Not only that, but sperm whales, which are the ones that have teeth, actually have circular scars on their snouts which exactly match the suckers on the squids arm. So it’s almost certain that sperm whales swim down into the black abyss and there wrestle with giant squid. If I got a film of that…"

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