Sir David Attenborough on Zebra

David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities Producer Stephen Dunleavy interviews Sir David regarding his exciting new natural history series, exclusive to Eden.


Stephen Dunleavy

"It was actually the zebra stripes that have always fascinated me. There’s always been this debate over the purpose of the stripes. We go into that in some detail, but there was one great moment where we are talking about Lord Clive of India who had a his own zebra and wanted to breed them with donkeys and engaged in quite an experiment to do so, didn't he?"

David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities

Sir David Attenborough

"Queen Charlotte had this female zebra and she desperately wanted to get a foal, but she had no male zebras that could be found anywhere in Europe. So, enterprisingly, she bought a male donkey and had stripes painted on its skin and believe it or not they introduced this poor old donkey, what am I saying, this lucky old donkey, with his painted striped backside to the female who thought it was fabulous! And they produced a baby which was called a zebroid; half-and-half."

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