Shocking Senses: Episode 6: Series 2

Plants and animals have some curious super senses that we find hard to fathom in our world of only five senses.

Shocking Senses: Episode 6

Plants and animals have some curious super senses that enable them to see, hear and feel things that are quite invisible to us.

Attenborough on Electric Eels

Electric Eels

Native Americans were aware of hidden forces in nature too when they encountered the strange power of electric eels, which can generate an electric shock powerful enough to stun a horse.

With a series of charge-producing cells, electric eels can generate a charge equal to 12 car batteries, maybe not enough to kill a human, but certainly enough to give them a very powerful shock.

The electric eel uses this super sense to stun their prey, but they are also able to use it to help them navigate their world.

Attenborough on Plant Senses


Plants may look passive but scientific studies have revealed that they are busy communicating with each other using a range of methods.

Electrical fields in plants and bees have helped these two very different species to communicate on a much deeper level than a colourful flower.

Plants also have the ability to utilise airborne gases and emit and hear sound in order to help them interpret their world and react to competition and danger.

It seems nature isn't just about what we can see, animals and plants are interpreting and responding to their world in ways we couldn't possibly imagine.