About David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities Series 1

Sir David Attenborough's latest all-new series for Eden, David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities, reveals some of the creatures that inspired him towards a career in natural history.

David Attenborough


How did two very small animals from opposite ends of the world send shockwaves through the scientific community and upset the reputation of leading scientists? Why do zebras and butterflies advertise themselves with bold patterns or dazzling colours? Nature has twisted the tusk of the narwhal and the shells of snails and their relatives, but what is the purpose?

I have had the fortune to meet some of the planet's most enchanting creatures. But some stand out more than others because of their intriguing biology.

David Attenborough and a Chameleon

Filmed at locations throughout the UK with particular significance to Sir David, viewers are really given the chance to get to know the great man up close and realise his intrepid life of adventure. Once again, each episode features two different animals with curiously distinctive evolutionary quirks, linked together by a common theme.

Sir David shares the stories of these extraordinarily shaped creatures and reveals why he considers them nature's curiosities.