Sir David Attenborough on his series Natural Curiosities

David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities Producer Stephen Dunleavy interviews Sir David regarding his exciting new natural history series, exclusive to Eden.

David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities

Stephen Dunleavy

"We have been working on David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities for the past six months and this is very different to your normal series. You’re not out in a vast wilderness; it’s very much more intimate. You’re more generally behind the scenes of museums, but how would you describe the series to this audience?"

David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities

Sir David Attenborough

"Well, it puts an extra dimension onto animals. We've been making natural history programmes, you and I, and others, for a long time but we've always dealt with the animals as they are and sometimes as they might become, but we've never thought about them with their history and their particular relationship with human beings - the superstitions we had about them.

This is an extra dimension to animals which I think is particularly fascinating.

This is an extra dimension to animals which I think is particularly fascinating. It has certainly fascinated me ever since I was a kid, ever since I picked up a reproduction of a 17th Century natural history book and saw these fantastic animals, monsters, dragons and mermaids, all of which people thought actually existed and some of which have a really good basis for making them think that. This extra dimension to animals sets you thinking about them as to why they are the way they are, which is something which I don’t think we have done on television before."

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