About Dingo: Wild Dogs at War

Dingoes once ravaged Dave Graham's vast sheep flocks in outback Queensland. He hated and feared them but at the same time he built up an unrivalled store of knowledge of the Australian sheep and cattle dogs on which farming the Great Southern Land depends utterly.


He bred and trained champion dogs worth tens of thousands of dollars but he never sold them: dogs are Dave's best friends. He became accustomed to losing sheep and then poisoning Dingoes in retaliation, but after too many of his own working dogs accidentally ate the baits and died. Dave vowed never to lay poison again.

He decided to extend his knowledge of dogs to Dingoes. He studied the wild dog: its breeding and hunting habits, its loyalties and migration patterns. He saw first-hand the way they killed or expelled from their hunting ranges the feral cats and foxes that killed lambs and devastated populations of small native marsupials. He was among the first farmers, backed up by scientific research, to advocate an end to the Dingo wars.

This is one farmer's journey into the unknown and the pursuit of knowledge; a journey that could change Australian law.