Earth: The Nature Of Our Planet episode guide

Life - its beauty, complexity and challenges - is bound to the elements.

Earth: The Nature Of Our Planet episode guide

Geological marvels, spectacular weather, mysteries of the plant and animal kingdoms, all inextricably linked and shaped by Air, Earth and Water.

Episode 1: Air

A miraculous mantle envelops the entire planet - a thin skin of gasses called 'air'. Without it, there would be no life or weather, no habitable conditions, or protection from lethal ultraviolet radiation or meteorites from outer space. It is capable of unleashing huge hurricanes, or enabling birds to take to the air, lifting them into flight. Explore the endless expanse of the invisible element - Air.

Episode 2: Land:

It's the solid crust of our planet, the perfect element in which to record the stories of deep time and of lifetimes. Change and progression is the way of earth. Air and water turn solid rock into soil. Animals walk upon that soil and are supported by it; but plants turn soil into life. We learn how they can feed themselves and the whole chain of animal life, in the realm of Land.

Episode 3: Water

Water is the essential element. It is everywhere - in the air; the earth; and in the oceans. Water has the power to shape life, yet everyday the ocean surrenders to a much greater force; the gravitational pull of our moon. Across the globe, ebb and flow affect every creature, from whale to plankton. But what happens when that tide turns red? Experience the elixir of life - Water.