About Earthflight

This stunning documentary series allows viewers to take a breathtaking flight on the wings of birds across six continents and experience some of the world's greatest natural spectacles from a bird's-eye view.



Take a breathtaking flight on the wings of birds across the earth and experience it’s greatest natural spectacles from the unique vantage of a bird’s eye view.

We'll fly across North America and become part of a flock of millions of snow geese as they discover what it's like to be on the hit-list of America's national bird: the bald eagle. Glide under San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge with pelicans, soar past the Statue of Liberty with snow geese and experience the incredible sensation of being on the back of a bird as you are flown down through the great American landmarks; Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon.

It's a universal dream to fly like a bird. To soar on wings into the heavens. But it's nothing compared to the reality.

Camera onboard

With jaw-dropping journeys across the continents of North America, Africa, Europe, South America, Asia and Australia, this is the closest humans will get to the sensation of flying by watching a television programme. Sit down and lose yourself in the journey.