Alice Roberts Profile

Prof Alice Roberts loves to surf and can't reverse! We take you through all you need to know about the multi-talented human anatomist.

Alice Roberts

Alice Roberts was born in 1973 in Bristol and went on to study medicine and anatomy at Cardiff University. After completing her graduate degree, Alice went on to study a PhD in Palaeopathology, the study of disease in ancient human remains, and worked as a junior doctor in South Wales. Later, she became a lecturer at Bristol University, and ultimately working towards the title of Professor of Public Engagement in Science at University of Birmingham.

A vegetarian and keen outdoor enthusiast, Alice also owns a campervan and admits to having reversed into trees, a police station (whilst the police were watching) and her husband's father! This love of the outdoors even extends to surfing. One of her favourite UK coastal places is a secret surfing spot in North Cornwall.

Alice Roberts in the Incredible Human Journey


Alice's television debut came in 2001 as a human bone specialist on Channel 4's Time Team. After moving onto BBC2's long-running series Coast, Alice has also presented Don't Die Young, The Incredible Human Journey, Wild Swimming, and two series of Digging for Britain. More recently she fronted the live series Prehistoric Autopsy, which investigated the remain of early humans.

Incredible Human Journey Clip

Charitable work

The charities Alice supports include the British Heart Foundation, Sustrans and for-ethiopia for which she helped raise money by rowing in a Dragon Boat Race in Bristol, while she has also hosted the Bristol Medical School's charity dance show Clicendales 2007, in support of the charity CLIC Sargent.