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Michael Mosley was born on the 22nd March, 1957 and after training in medicine took the opportunity to move into production at the BBC. Recently he has presented Inside the Human Body and History of Science.

Michael Mosley


Following his undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (commonly known as PPE) at the New College, Oxford, Michael Mosley became a banker in London. Having spent two years in banking, Michael decided to move into medicine and went on to study medical psychology at the Royal Free Hospital Medical School (now part of University College London Medical School).

Inside the Human Body Clip


After becoming disillusioned with psychiatry Michael joined the BBC on a trainee assistant producer scheme. He worked his way up the ranks at the BBC, ultimately heading major productions, and in 1995 was named Medical Journalist of the Year by the British Medical Association.

As a producer, he has made a number of science programmes, including The Human Face with John Cleese in 2001, several series with Professor Robert Winston and Inventions That Changed the World with Jeremy Clarkson in 2004, culminating with The Incredible Human Journey with Dr Alice Roberts in 2009.

Michael Mosley in The Story of Science

Michael Mosley in The Story of Science


Ultimately, Michael's career behind the camera gave him the opportunity to move in front, presenting his own programmes. In 2008, Michael fronted the documentaries Medical Mavericks and then 10 Things You Need to Know about Losing Weight in 2009 and was nominated for an Emmy and a BAFTA for his Horizon documentary on Helicobacter pylori and gastric ulcers.

Proving a success, he went on to present Blood and Guts, The Making of Modern Medicine for Radio 4 and in 2010 he produced and presented the series The Story of Science. More recently, he has become well known for the Inside the Human Body series, showing remarkable real and CGI footage of the astonishing processes going on inside every one of us.