Steve Backshall Profile

Steve Backshall is the naturalist and wildlife and adventure TV presenter who reaches parts of the world others just can’t seem to get to.

Steve Backshall

Intrepid traveller

He’s travelled to over 100 countries worldwide, making first ascents of remote jungle mountains or descending into hidden sinkholes in search of new species, climbing the world’s highest peaks or completing some of the world’s most demanding endurance races. Steve has continued to push back the boundaries of exploration whilst capturing it all on camera or in words.

Lost Land of the Tiger Clip

One step beyond

Expeditions to the world’s most remote places remain Steve’s primary passion, and he’s taken a role as the ‘adventure naturalist’ in some of the most successful filmed expeditions of recent years. In Lost Land of the Volcano, Steve led the first ever team of outsiders into the depths of the perfect New Guinean volcanic caldera known as Bosavi. In the jungle interior, the team discovered many species unknown to science – including the world’s largest rat!

In BAFTA nominated Lost Land of the Jaguar, he descended to the bottom of the Kaiteur Falls to discover a wonderland of frogs and orchids seen only by a handful of other humans. Expedition Borneo was nominated for an EMMY, and saw the team delving into the heart of this fast disappearing wildlife wonderland in search of a way to conserve it.

TV and all that other stuff

Steve has presented Britain’s Lost World, Extreme Caving, Inside Out, Springwatch Trackers, The Really Wild Show and The Nature of Britain. Steve is a successful author with Steve Backshall’s Venom, The Rough Guide to: Indonesia, as well as Wildlife Adventurer’s Guide and Deadly 60. He regularly writes article for newspapers and magazines. As an inspirational public speaker Steve presents on a range of wildlife, conservation, exploration and adventure topics.