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Science Presenters
Science Presenters

Science is behind everything we know about our world.

Adventure Presenters
Adventure Presenters

There's too much out there to explore in one lifetime, even for the most intrepid.

In Photos: Wildest Africa
Wildest Africa in Photos

Some incredible images from the series Wildest Africa.

In Photos: Amazing Africa
Amazing Africa in Photos

Celebrating the best of Africa, the second largest continent on Earth.

In Photos: Central Asia
Central Asia in Photos

Central Asia includes Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

In Photos: Australia
Australia in Photos

Revel in the very best Australia has to offer with this gallery.

In Photos: Incredible India
Incredible India in Photos

Celebrate the best of India with these pictures of the world's seventh largest country.

In Photos: Deep Blue
Deep Blue in Photos

See all kinds of underwater life with these pictures of fish and sea creatures.

In Photos: Mountains
Mountains in Photos

See pictures of some of the world's most amazing mountains.

In Photos: Sir David Attenborough
Sir David Attenborough in Photos

Sir David has had a distinguished natural history career, and here's the proof!

In Photos: Lion Country
Lion Country in Photos

See images of the magnificent big cats from Lion County in our photo gallery.

In Photos: Madagascar
Madagascar in Photos

Here are some remarkable pictures from the stunning series Madagascar.

In Photos: The Life of Mammals
The Life of Mammals in Photos

See photos from the landmark series The Life of Mammals.

In Photos: Tiger: Spy in the Jungle
Tiger: Spy in the Jungle in Photos

Tiger: Spy in the Jungle captures the day-to-day lives of four tiny tiger cubs.

In Photos: Tribe
Tribe in Photos

Re-live your favourite Tribe moments with these pictures from the brilliant series.

In Photos: Ray Mears
Ray Mears in Photos

Take a look at these photos of the intrepid TV bushcraft and survival expert.

In Photos: Planet Earth
Planet Earth in Photos

Showing the most extreme places on Earth and the animals who live there.

In Photos: Human Planet
Human Planet in Photos

A gallery of photos from the incredible human natural history series Human Planet.

In Photos: Life
Life in Photos

Stunning pictures from Sir David Attenborough's landmark wildlife series Life.

In Photos: Yellowstone
Yellowstone in Photos

Exploring the park’s incredibly diverse wildlife population and geology.

In Photos: USA
USA in Photos

See the best the USA has to offer with these pictures celebrating the land of the free.

In Photos: Wild Britain
Wild Britain in Photos

Pictures of bushcraft expert and wildlife presenter Ray Mears' series, Wild Britain.

In Photos: Canada
Canada in Photos

Incredible images from one of the most sparsely populated countries on the planet.

In Photos: Giraffes
Giraffes in Photos

Sometimes you need a wide angle lens to fit the world’s tallest land animal into a photo.

In Photos: Komodo Dragon
Komodo Dragons in Photos

Power, venom, patience; the Komodo dragon has all the virtues of a killer.

In Photos: Lemurs
Lemurs in Photos

Locked on the island of Madagascar, it's no wonder lemurs are so unique!

In Photos: Big Cats
Big Cats in Photos

The big cats are some of the biggest land predators on the planet!

In Photos: Tigers
Tigers in Photos

Tigers are the largest of all the cats and one of the most deadly!

In Photos: Lions
Lions in Photos

Lions are the sociable members of the cat family.

In Photos: Elephants
Elephants in Photos

Their trunks, tusks and immense size sets elephants in a class of their own!

In Photos: African Elephants
African Elephants in Photos

African elephants are even larger than there Asian relatives.

In Photos: Stretched to the Limit: Filming Natural Curiosities
Stretched to the Limit: Filming Natural Curiosities in Photos

A collection of images from the filming of the Stretched to the Limit episode.

In Photos: A Curious Twist: Filming Natural Curiosities
A Curious Twist: Filming Natural Curiosities in Photos

A collection of images from the filming of the A Curious Twist episode.

In Photos: To the Ends of the Earth: Frozen Planet
To the Ends of the Earth: Frozen Planet in Photos

Frozen Planet heads to the ends of the earth to capture incredible wildlife.

In Photos: Seasons: Frozen Planet
Seasons: Frozen Planet in Photos

The Frozen Planet can be surprisingly full of life.

In Photos: Baby Hippos
Baby Hippos in Photos

Baby hippos can still weigh around the same as an adult human.

In Photos: Owls
Owls in Photos

Owls are some of the most widely dispersed birds in the world.

In Photos: Penguins
Penguins in Photos

Penguins are perfectly adapted for an aquatic life.

In Photos: Auroras
Auroras in Photos

Aurora's are natural light displays particularly visible at high latitudes.

In Photos: Big Cat Cubs
Big Cat Cubs in Photos

From snow leopard cubs to white tiger cubs, learn more about the big cats' young.

In Photos: Sharks
Sharks in Photos

There are over 470 species of shark. See some of them in action.

In Photos: Poison Dart Frogs
Poison Dart Frogs in Photos

Poison dart frog is the common name of a group of Central and South American frogs.

In Photos: Monkeys
Monkeys In Photos

Monkeys are incredibly diverse, intelligent primates.

In Photos: Human Planet Competition
Human Planet Competition in Photos

Eden's Human Planet photo competition as chosen by Timothy Allen.

In Photos: Great Barrier Reef: Nature's Miracle
Nature's Miracle in Photos

Photos taken from the Nature's Miracle episode of Great Barrier Reef.

In Photos: Great Barrier Reef: Reef to Rainforest
Reef to Rainforest in Photos

Photos taken from the Reef to Rainforest episode of Great Barrier Reef.

In Photos: Amazing Planet
Amazing Planet in Photos

Photos of the Earth's raw power taken from the series Amazing Planet.

In Photos: Vanishing Antarctic
Vanishing Antarctic in Photos

Polar pictures from the programme Vanishing Antarctic.

In Photos: Space Exploration
Space Exploration in Photos

The twentieth century dawned the age of space exploration.

In Photos: Solar System
Solar System in Photos

View our solar system's eight planetary bodies from the comfort of Earth.

In Photos: Plants
Plants in Photos

Plants are dazzlingly intricate and beautiful in equal measure.

In Photos: Amphibians
Amphibians in Photos

Wet-skinned amphibians can be gloriously coloured or unashamedly drab.

In Photos: Snakes
Snakes in Photos

Snakes are the stuff of some people's nightmares.

In Photos: Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs in Photos

Our only view of real dinosaurs are left in the fossils that we uncover.

In Photos: Insects
Insects in Photos

Insects represent over half of all known living organisms.

In Photos: Butterflies and Moths
Butterflies and Moths in Photos

Butterflies and moths are some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet.

In Photos: Fish
Fish in Photos

Fish come in a vast range of sizes and design.

In Photos: Natural Curiosities Series 1
Natural Curiosities Series 1 in Photos

Photos from Sir David Attenborough's exploration of nature’s evolutionary anomalies.

In Photos: How to Grow a Planet
How to Grow a Planet in Photos

Photos taken during filming of the documentary series.

In Photos: Mountain Gorilla
Mountain Gorilla in Photos

A gallery of images from the series Mountain Gorilla.

In Photos: North America: Earthflight
North America: Earthflight in Photos

Images from the North American episode of Earthflight.

In Photos: Africa: Earthflight
Africa: Earthflight in Photos

Fly over Africa on the back of a vulture and see the African continent with fresh eyes.

In Photos: Voyage of the Continents
Voyage of the Continents in Photos

Massive tectonic forces have sculpted and re-sculpted our world in a never-ending journey.

In Photos: Land: Richard Hammond's Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
Land: Richard Hammond's Journey To The Centre Of The Earth in Photos

Richard Hammond investigates the workings of Earth.

In Photos: Ocean: Richard Hammond's Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
Ocean: Richard Hammond's Journey To The Centre Of The Earth in Photos

What lies at the bottom of the oceans? What would happen if the planet lost them?

In Photos: Museum of Life
Museum of Life in Photos

There are 70 million specimens to explore in the wonderful NHM.

In Photos: Boteti – The Returning River
Boteti – The Returning River in Photos

The Boteti gradually dried up leaving zebras, elephants and crocodiles high and dry.

In Photos: Europe: Earthflight
Europe: Earthflight in Photos

We soar with cranes and geese over Venice, the white cliffs of Dover and Edinburgh.

In Photos: Miracles
Miracles in Photos

A gallery of images from the series of programmes involving miraculous survival.

In Photos: South America: Earthflight
South America: Earthflight in Photos

Condors soar along the Andes and scarlet macaws explore the heart of the Amazon.

In Photos: Asia and Australasia: Earthflight
Asia and Australasia: Earthflight in Photos

Demoiselle cranes negotiate a Himalayan pass while bar-headed geese fly five miles above.

In Photos: Flying High: Earthflight
Flying High: Earthflight in Photos

Earthflight also relied on some extraordinary relationships.

In Photos: Baby Monkeys and Apes
Baby Monkeys and Apes in Photos

Baby monkeys can tug at the heart strings of even the sternest of people.

In Photos: Life in the Undergrowth
Life in the Undergrowth in Photos

Life in the Undergrowth explores the creepy crawly side of life.

In Photos: Ant Attack
Ant Attack in Photos

This army of 20m sisters thrives by ravaging the forest, killing everything it meets!

In Photos: Autumn: The Bear Family and Me
Autumn: The Bear Family and Me in Photos

The bears are in danger when hunters move into the forest.

In Photos: Spring: The Bear Family and Me
Spring: The Bear Family and Me in Photos

Before Gordon can start filming he faces a major challenge - to earn the bears' trust.

In Photos: Summer: The Bear Family and Me
Summer: The Bear Family and Me in Photos

Gordon discovers that bear cub Hope has been abandoned by her mother.

In Photos: Wonders of the Solar System
Wonders of the Solar System in Photos

Explore the different facets of our solar system with Prof Brian Cox.

In Photos: Wonders of the Universe
Wonders of the Universe in Photos

Who better to explore the universe with than Prof Brian Cox?

In Photos: The Dark
The Dark in Photos

George McGavin uncovers the wild wonders in the darkness of Central and South America.

In Photos: Land of the Lost Wolves
Land of the Lost Wolves in Photos

Photos of Gordon Buchanan's struggle to find and film the elusive wolf.

In Photos: Secrets of Our Living Planet
Secrets of Our Living Planet in Photos

New scientific discoveries reveal some incredibly improbable connections.

In Photos: Voyages of Construction
Voyages of Construction in Photos

Voyages Of Construction uncovers the ultimate engineering stories.

In Photos: Swimming with Killer Whales
Swimming with Killer Whales in Photos

One of the most wide-spread mammals on the planet, they inhabit every ocean.

In Photos: Wildlife Rescue Africa
Wildlife Rescue Africa in Photos

Wildlife Rescue Africa follows the work of a wildlife conservation team.

In Photos: Deep Blue Dive
Deep Blue Dive in Photos

Trevor Hutton is self-trained but South Africa has always cautioned against the sport.

In Photos: Gannets: The Wrong Side of the Run
Gannets: The Wrong Side of the Run in Photos

Gannets are large, yellow-headed seabirds with a voracious appetite for sardines.

In Photos: Bang Goes the Theory
Bang Goes the Theory in Photos

Bang Goes the Theory undertakes the science experiments you've always wanted to do!

In Photos: Cheetah: Prince of Speed
Cheetah: Prince of Speed in Photos

Cheetahs are the fastest land animal on earth, keeping up with them is a struggle.

In Photos: Super Smart Animals
Super Smart Animals in Photos

Liz Bonnin meets some incredibly intelligent animals.

In Photos: Ganges
Ganges in Photos

The Ganges is one of the most powerful rivers in the world.

In Photos: Titanoboa
Titanoboa in Photos

The animal is a relative of modern boas and lived in Colombia 58-60 million years ago.

In Photos: Indian Ocean
Indian Ocean in Photos

Simon Reeve’s voyage of discovery takes in the natural as well as the human world.

In Photos: The Blue Planet
The Blue Planet in Photos

Sir David Attenborough's seminal ocean classic.

In Photos: Killer Whale Island
Killer Whale Island in Photos

Nigel Marven encounters penguin colonies, birds of prey and swathes of breeding sea birds.

In Photos: The Secrets of Everything
The Secrets of Everything in Photos

Exploring questions like whether you could survive a falling lift or why the sky is blue.

In Photos: Killer Elephants
Killer Elephants in Photos

Years of research led staff to a disturbing conclusion; elephants may be killing rhinos.

In Photos: Raising Big Blue
Raising Big Blue in Photos

Following Canadian scientists as they uncover a buried skeleton of a blue whale.

In Photos: To Boldly Go
To Boldly Go in Photos

Kevin Fong looks at how we can survive underwater and how the body responds to altitude.