"Fragments of Prehistoric Past" by Tamar Bennett Margrave

A look at the animals preserved in coastal chalk and their legacy.

Shortlisted Eden Shorts 2015

Tamar Bennett Margrave filmed Fragments of a Prehistoric Past at the famous seabird spotting destination of the chalk cliffs at Flamborough Head on the Yorkshire coast, weaving a story together that linked the deep history of the site to the natural wonders many naturalists flock to see today.

Michaela Strachan was pleased with the effort Tamar took in telling a story in her film:

Fragments of a Prehistoric Past is a really great concept, and one which is very difficult to get over in just a minute. Tamar has executed this very well!

Gannets are one of the many sea birds to nest at Flamborough.

Gannets are one of the many sea birds to nest at Flamborough.

The chalk from which the headland at Flamborough is formed is composed mostly of millions of prehistoric plankton that are only ten thousandths of a millimetre in diameter. When the chalk weathers it creates ledges, which are ideal nest sites for thousands of seabirds, safe from mammalian predators.

Alongside some innovative editing techniques, Tamar expertly connects nature's prehistory to the modern day.

Fellow Eden Shorts judge Nigel Marven also loved the story told in the short film:

Tamar has created a clever film, and the detail in referring to gannets as the descendants of dinosaurs really helps to bring the focus back to wildlife.

Tamar hopes that her film will provide an "insight into the story of this inspiring landscape, from its Jurassic origins and formation through to the present day".