"Siling Lake" by Xinyang Amy Hong

The wildlife centred around Siling Lake under the Himalayan mountains in Tibet.

Shortlisted Eden Shorts 2015

Xinyang Amy Hong footage for Siling Lake was filmed during a 5-week field expedition to study the behaviour ecology of the blacked-necked cranes.

Eden Shorts judge Michaela Strachan commented:

I really like the way Xinyang used text to illustrate the animals featured in Siling Lake. With only a minute to get the message across, time is of the essence - and this is a really well constructed film. I'd never actually heard of the lake so it is always good to see something different!

Siling Lake, Tibet.

On the expedition Xinyang got the chance to watch a family of baby cranes growing up, hundreds of endangered antelopes running across the field, occasional lone wolves appearing at distant hills, she adds that "5 weeks in the field felt way too short!"

Having penned the script to accompany her short film, Xinyang tasked Andy Tran in voicing the narration over what she had filmed and edited together.

Fellow judge and experienced natural history broadcaster Nigel Marven has actually visited Siling Lake previously and loved seeing someone else's view of this natural beauty and the animals that thrive in and around the water:

Siling Lake is a traditional natural history film that really captures the spirit of the environment in Tibet.