Eden Shorts Remastered

The 2015 finalists got the opportunity to rework their already brilliant natural history films. Here are the results.

We received hundreds of incredible submissions from amateur wildlife filmmakers from round the country and it was a real struggle to whittle these down to the final 12 that we showcased on air.

To reward the hard work and skills displayed we gave the 2015 finalists the opportunity to come to UKTV, meet the team behind the channel and use the professional facilities we have on offer in reworking their already masterful films.

Take a look at the finished films below, starting with 2015 winner Mat Larkin's piece on the seasonal return of an enigmatic songbird...

Winner: Mat Larkin

Next up was Anne Massey's beautifully poetic take on the wild visitors to her garden.

Runner-up: Anne Massey

Tom Young explored the depths of the Canary Islands to find the aquatic ambush predator: the angel shark.

Commended: Tom Young

Xinyang Hong ventured to the mountains of Tibet to film a beautifully posed film about the wildlife that lives around a central lake.

Shortlisted: Xinyang Hong

It wasn't too long ago that you would have struggled to find a white-tailed eagle in the UK, and now that they're slowly bouncing back Martin Williams went to Scotland to create this wonderful portrait.

Shortlisted: Malcolm Williams

As some of the largest animals to have ever lived, whales are an awesome sight. You can really feel this in Phil Halper's film.

Shortlisted: Phil Halper

We sometimes forget to look to the UK for beautiful marine life, but thank goodness Neil O'May didn't. Check out what you can see if you go diving off the coast of Wales in his film.

Shortlisted: Neil O'May

Each of the films above were given a colour grade and small tweaks to the edit under the supervision of the filmmaker, with an added opportunity to rework and rerecord their narration and apply new sound bed.

For more information on how to create beautiful wildlife films, have a look at our handy guides from some top professionals.