"Effortless Beauty" by Simon Owen

Duration: 01:06

WINNER - 2014

Like many, Simon Owen is inspired by Sir David Attenborough's programmes. Having filmed wildlife for about a year, Simon saw the Eden Shorts Competition and it gave him a focus to create something with his footage.

Simon wanted to create a film that expressed an appreciation of simple, natural occurrences and create a story to tie everything together, which is where the scripted voiceover came in.

"I think it's quite strange to the think that animals go about their business without knowing how impressive they are, so when you capture a specific moment on film, it's something very special - and I wanted to try and highlight that with the script for the voiceover. I wrote the script based on how being out in nature makes me feel and hopefully that resonates with others too."

The footage was taken at a number of locations, including Gigrin Farm (Wales), Leighton Moss (Lancashire), Pennington Flash (Leigh), Dunham Massey (Cheshire), Lyme Park (Cheshire), Ibstone (Chilterns) and Fletcher Moss (Manchester).

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