About First Life

For over five decades Sir David Attenborough has travelled the world, documenting this planet's amazing flora and fauna.

First Life

Now it's time for the great man to go back in time to search for animals that have not existed on Earth for hundreds of thousands of years.

From the fog of coastline of Newfoundland to the deserts of North Africa, Sir David finds evidence in fossils and living animals of an incredible period in the planet's history that stretches back half a billion years ago when animals first appeared in the oceans.

These were creatures that evolved the traits and tools that have allowed all animals, including us, to survive to this day.

Thanks to recent fossil finds the full story of First Life on planet Earth can now be told, and thanks to CGI the animals and world that pre-dates man can be brought to back to life.

From the very first forms and their arrival on our planet, to showing how they evolved to conquer land and air, First Life helps to complete the picture of our natural history like no other series before it.