About Forecasting the End

Ever since the turn of the millennium the world has seen its share of "what if" scenarios.

Forecasting the End

From a meteorite breaking apart over western Russia to Earth's closest call with an asteroid yet, the new year has only escalated the fervour surrounding end of days prophecy.

This new and exclusive End dives into the hair-raising theories behind earth-ending science.

Hear how disasters like super-volcanoes, mega-tsunamis and deadly solar flares aren't as far-fetched as you think. We’ll see how methane gas explosions in the world’s oceans have potentially explosive consequences, how super-volcanoes in Yellowstone National Park could take out two thirds of the United States if they ever repute, how astronomers believe an asteroid could collide with Earth in 2036 and how rogue planets and gamma rays all have deadly consequences if they ever entered our solar system.