About Frozen Planet

Sir David Attenborough's latest landmark series takes you to the ends of the Earth, literally. Frozen Planet is a wildlife and environmental spectacle not to be missed.

Emperor Penguins

© Chadden Hunter

Taking you on the ultimate polar expedition, Frozen Planet is the landmark series that brings to the screen the frozen wildernesses of the Arctic and Antarctic as you have never seen them before.

Frozen Planet Trailer

At the poles, the sun disappears every year, throwing the resident wildlife into six months of darkness. Conversely, the rest of the year will see day-long sunlight.

During the spring and summer months, polar animals race to rear their young during times of plenty under the midnight sun. While the prey species harvest blooming plant life, the predators get to work in taking advantage of naive young and busy parents.

In the autumn, the polar wildlife begin epic journeys, as most hurry to escape the encroaching refreeze while winter is the harsh story of the few extreme survivors who remain.

Exploring the last frontier

Frozen Planet also asks questions of polar humans and their drive to live at the ends of the earth, while Sir David Attenborough investigates the catastrophic effects of rising temperatures at the poles.

It is a sobering thought that we may never see the Arctic and Antarctic in the same light again. However, with hard work and severe changes to our attitude and the way we behave as humans, we may be able to save some of the wonder of the ends of the earth for the next generation.