About Ganges

This three-part series profiles one of the most revered rivers in the world, following its geography, its inhabitants and the people that make their lives by its banks all the way from the Himalayas down into the Bay of Bengal.

Hanuman langur

© Bernard Castein/naturepl.com

This holy river has influenced the day-to-day living of a whole continent, and the series reveals how it has shaped Indian culture and religion for thousands of years. The fertile basin also plays host to a stunning array of wildlife – from snow leopards, Asiatic brown bears and huge, bearded vultures.

Throughout the series, Ganges explores how the Gangetic plains’ wildlife has adapted since the area became densely populated, and why there’s still such a conflict between villagers and elephants.

Ganges is the ultimate guide to a river that represents the heart and soul of a nation.