About Inside the Human Body

Michael Mosley takes viewers on a voyage through the workings of the inner human universe.

Conjoined twins, Ronnie and Donnie


Travelling through the body, tiny clusters of hairs loom as large as a forest and hidden chambers of the heart rise up like a vast cathedral. To illustrate the surprising ways bodies work, the series also tells the stories of remarkable people from around the world who have pushed theirs to the absolute limit.

Michael also brings to life surprising medical research, revealing the improbable sequence of events that lead to birth. State-of-the-art graphics follow millions of sperm on their dangerous race towards the egg, revealing the ingenious ways that a woman's body selects the best, and illustrate a body beginning to self-assemble.

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The programme follows the progress of a couple who are expecting triplets, from the 4D scan when they first come face-to-face with their babies to the dramatic finale of birth. Plus, we'll meet a woman expecting her 16th baby and the oldest conjoined twins in the world.

Episode 1 - Creation

The series begins with the story of our creation, with millions of sperm competing to fertilise a single egg.

Episode 2 - First to Last

Michael Mosley shows how, from its first breath to its last, the body performs countless small miracles to stay alive.

Episode 3 - Building Your Brain

Here, he reveals the fascinating secrets of the brain, and how it's remodelled during adolescence.

Episode 4 - Hostile World

In the concluding part of his fascinating series, Michael Mosley reveals the ingenious ways in which the body defends itself against a hostile world.