About Last Chance To See

Twenty years after the late writer Douglas Adams’ radio series Last Chance To See, his two friends, Stephen and zoologist Mark Carwardine, set out to recreate that groundbreaking expedition.

Mark Carwardine

The unlikely duo undertakes six incredible journeys in a bid to find out how the endangered animals Adams first encountered are faring.

From the steamy jungles of the Amazon to the ice-covered mountain tops of New Zealand, and from the edge of a war zone in Central America to sub-tropical paradise in the North Pacific, their route spans the whole planet.

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Along the way, they search for some of the weirdest, most remarkable and most troubled creatures on Earth.

A large, black, sleepy animal easily mistaken for an unusually listless mud-bank, a parrot with a song like an unreleased collection of Pink Floyd studio outtakes, a rhino with square lips, a dragon with deadly saliva, an animal roughly the length of a Boeing 737 and the creature that looks more likely to emerge from the cargo doors of a spaceship.

Hopefully this won't be the last chance we get to see these astonishing animals.