About Life in Cold Blood

Sir David Attenborough brings viewers the final chapter of his epic overview of Life on Earth with Life In Cold Blood, the series that sets out to transform perceptions of cold-blooded animals.

David Attenborough with a giant leaf frog


Now, using the very latest in filming technology – including ultra-high-speed, thermal, miniature and on-board cameras – Sir David Attenborough reveals the surprising and intimate lives of cold-blooded reptiles and amphibians. After all, they have ruled the Earth for nearly 200 million years and, today, there are well over 14,000 species.

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From the largest and most dangerous reptiles on Earth demonstrating tender and sensual courtship, to tortoises and horned chameleons jousting dramatically, flashing Anolis lizards and waving Jacky dragons, Life In Cold Blood captures previously unseen behaviour.

Tiny scarlet frogs engage in sumo wrestling, baby worm-like caecilians feast on their mother's skin, mother salamanders viciously defend their broods against marauders and spectacled caiman are filmed taking care of crèches of up to 100 young.