About Life On Fire

Narrated by Oscar-winning actor Jeremy Irons, Life On Fire is an earth shattering series offering a close up look at volcanoes, providing viewers with a never seen before look at their effect on the environment around them.

Erupting volcano

From the wildlife that manages to cope with the volcanic ash that invades their habitat, through to the snow-covered summits, this ambitious series paints a detailed picture of how animals and plants have learned to juggle with fire.

Life on Fire Promo

Using the latest cutting-edge technology including ultra-high speed HD cameras and a gyro-stabilised mount fixed to a helicopter, images are brought to life, using an impressive zoom that allows viewers to get 85 times closer to any object, without pixilation.

Working closely with respected researchers and volcanologists, the Life On Fire team was granted immediate access to the latest information on volcano eruptions across the world, allowing unprecedented coverage of some of the most spectacular and powerful forces on the planet.