About Life in the Freezer

The natural history of Antarctica, presented by Sir David Attenborough, Life in the Freezer is a fascinating series on the wildlife and environment of a notoriously hostile continent - Antarctica.

Life in the Freezer

Life in the Freezer Clip

Life in the Freezer was first transmitted in the UK in 1993, to great acclaim.

Sir David Attenborough moves south with a fascinating series on the natural history of a notoriously hostile continent - Antarctica. The wildlife, however, is abundant. In the spring, the thaw begins and the humpback whale and the crab-eater seal appear.

In the Antarctic summer there is 24-hour daylight, and the race to breed is on for the fur seals.

Life in the Freezer

When Sir David Attenborough's frost-bitten history of Antarctica moves on to autumn we see harsh seas batter the islands of Antarctica leaving the penguins to struggle ashore, while the winter conditions are so extreme that only the emperor penguins stay put.

The series ends with a recollection of the epic journeys in the quest to explore Antarctica. From Captain Scott's hut, Sir David relates the history of this great continent.