About Lost Land of the Jaguar

In Lost Land Of The Jaguar, Steve Backshall and his team of intrepid explorers sets out to discover the plants and animals that inhabit the spectacular rainforest landscape of South American country Guyana.


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The high-octane adventure in this thrilling series sees the team journey into places that only a handful of people have ever seen before. Braving the planet's last unspoilt jungle they glimpse some of its amazing wildlife.

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With experts in their field, Dr George McGavin, Steve Backshall, Justine Evans, and Gordon Buchanan, Lost Land Of The Jaguar doesn't pull any punches.

Episode 1

Known as the land of giants, Guyana is home to giant otters, the huge anaconda and the world's largest tarantula.

Episode 2

The team push further into the jungle wilderness but base camp is beset by scorpions and venomous centipedes.