About Lost Land of the Tiger

The excellent documentary series Lost Land of the Tiger follows a team of big cat experts and wildlife filmmakers as they embark upon a dramatic expedition searching for tigers hidden in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan.

Bengal Tiger in Kaziranga National Park


With a team made up of Steve Backshall, Gordon Buchanan, Justine Evans and Dr. George McGavin, Lost Land of the Tiger provides a mouth-watering mix of scientific know-how and intrepid adventure.

The camera traps used by the team record rare footage of Indian wild dogs, Asian elephants and leopards, but will they catch the elusive tiger that they have set out for?

A tiger captured on a night vision camera

A tiger captured on a night vision camera

Episode 1

Explorer Steve Backshall and trusty sniffer dog Bruiser hunt for signs of tigers in the undergrowth.

Episode 2

The team strikes out from their base camp to track down tigers throughout Bhutan in the hope of creating a wildlife corridor.

Episode 3

The search reaches its climax as Steve Backshall has an incredibly close encounter. Have the team got what they were looking for?