About Mountain Gorilla

Patrick Stewart narrates this three-part series Mountain Gorilla, about the world's last mountain gorillas.

Mountain Gorilla

In the Mountains

The largest gorilla family in the world is starting the perilous journey down to feed on the fresh shoots of bamboo. They run the risk of being caught in illegal snares and Cantsbee, the dominant silverback, will have his work cut out keeping them all safe, especially those closest to him.

Meanwhile on the other side of the Rwandan volcanoes a young gorilla has been deserted by her mother. She turns to her silverback father for guidance and protection, but is he up to the job?

In Uganda, Marembo the teenage silverback has come of age. He has lived 15 years under the watchful eye of dominant silverback Rukina but now feels it is time to make the break on his own.



Titus the gorilla king's time as a leader may be coming to an end. At 33 years of age, Titus is not just one of the most powerful Silverbacks in Rwanda's Virunga Mountains, he is possibly the most remarkable gorilla ever known. His life story is as full of drama, intrigue and tragedy as any human soap opera.

Unfortunately, Ihumure the orphan gorilla adopted by Titus died shortly after.

The Plight

The three-part series about the world's last mountain gorillas concludes with a look at the plight of some of the youngest and most vulnerable gorillas. Including the two young orphans whose mothers were callously murdered in execution-style killings, the young female battling with new emotions, and the new gorilla king struggling to keep hold of the group he fought so hard to win.

Discover how they cope in this exploration of what the future holds for the remaining last few hundred mountain gorillas.