Top Ten Tips for Going Green

Look at every single aspect of your life and there'll be a way of making it more environmentally friendly. Start incorporating new, eco-friendly routines into your life and watch your carbon footprint shrink. Not sure what a carbon footprint is? Welcome to your beginners' guide to going green.

Solar Panels

1. Think before you bin

Most products you use can be recycled, from glass and paper to metal and clothing. Read the labels and think before you bin.

2. Save water

Take a shower instead of a bath, flush the toilet less, don’t leave the tap on while brushing your teeth, use a watering can not a hose for the garden… Be water aware.

3. Cut the engine

As much as possible, ditch the car in favour of walking, biking or public transport. This will reduce CO2 emissions - key contributors to global warming.

4. Turn it off

Don’t leave electrical devices on standby, switch off lights when you leave a room and unplug chargers when you’ve finished with them.

5. Soak up the sunshine

A renewable energy source, solar power can heat your water and generate electricity - and any that you don’t use can be sold back to local electricity companies.

6. Hang it up

Only use the washing machine if you have a full load, opt for the eco settings and cooler washes and avoid the tumble dryer at all costs - it’s a real energy eater.

7. Keep the heat in

Make sure your house is well insulated and foil-back your radiators to reflect heat back into the room.

8. Get supermarket savvy

Whenever possible, buy local produce and choose seasonal fruit and veg rather than food that has been shipped half way around the world. Organic is your best option.

9. Hit the switch

Make sure your PC and monitor are switched off when you leave work, think before you print and if at all possible, work from home - there’s never been a better excuse.

10. Talk to those in the know

For loads of simple, practical advice, try the Energy Saving Trust, Carbon Footprint or