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Conservation charities look to protect our natural world. Find out more about supporting organisations.

Conservation Charities


Greenpeace is an international non-governmental organisation for the protection and conservation of the environment. Through a wide-range of public campaigns Greenpeace investigates, exposes, and confronts avoidable environmental deterioration, caused by governments and corporations around the world.

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth is a non-governmental organisation that aims to find solutions to environmental problems by lobbying governments to change policies in favour of the environment. Their campaigns include climate change, corporate accountability, genetically modified organisms (GMO), and global trade.

Earthwatch Institute

Earthwatch Institute is a non-profit organisation that helps promote awareness of the environment through scientific research, including wildlife conservation, rainforest ecology, marine science and archaeology. The organisation uses its research to lobby companies and government to improve their environmental performance.

Green Alliance

Green Alliance is a charity and think tank working on environmental policy with the UK government, businesses and other non-governmental organisations. Green Alliance works to integrate the environment into public policy, but communicating their environmental research to senior decision makers.

The Conservation Foundation

The Conservation Foundation is a UK-based environmental charity, which works with local communities to promote the awareness of sustainability. The Conservation Foundation looks at simple, cost-effective ways for communities to conserve their environment.