Find out More About Forest Conservation Charities

The lungs of the earth, trees need protecting and forestry charities are always willing to help. Find out more about supporting organisations.

Forest Conservation Charities

Rainforest Foundation

The Rainforest Foundation is a UK charity that campaigns for the preservation of the rainforest and the rights of the indigenous people living there. The charity was founded in 1989 by the musician Sting and his wife Trudie Styler, and currently supports projects in more than 20 countries.

Lock up carbon and protect forests around the world

Lock up carbon and protect forests around the world

The Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust is a UK conservation charity. The charity works with the government, landowners and like-minded organisations to conserve and protect native woodland. The president of the Woodland Trust is currently the comedian Clive Anderson.

Prince's Rainforest Project

The Prince's Rainforest Project (PRP) was set up by the Prince of Wales in 2007. The project works with governments, business, NGOs and individuals to increase the global recognition of the contribution of tropical deforestation to climate change.

Trees for Cities

Trees for Cities is a UK charity that works with local communities on tree-planting and landscaping projects. They aim to tackle global warming by planting trees in cities, that in turn helps educate communities.