Find out More About Renewable Energy Charities

Turning the tide on fossil fuel use, renewable energy charities are starting a sustainable energy revolution. Find out more about supporting organisations.

Renewable Energy Charities

The National Energy Foundation

The National Energy Foundation is a UK charity that encourages businesses and communities to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by being more efficient with their energy use and switching to sustainable energy sources. It aims to bring down UK emissions to 60% of the current amount by 2050.

Solar panels capturing energy from the sun

Solar panels capturing energy from the sun

The Centre for Alternative Technology

The Centre for Alternative Technology is an eco-centre that conducts research and holds courses on general environmentalism. Their visitor centre includes interactive displays that demonstrate how energy is generated and used, offering practical, everyday solutions for saving energy.


SolarAid is an international development charity that promotes the use of solar energy to help reduce global poverty and fight climate change. The charity works by installing solar panels for community centers, medical clinics, schools and other communal buildings. It also trains local communities in DIY solar maintenance.