About Nature's Great Events

In the stunning six-part series Nature’s Great Events, Sir David Attenborough looks at how seasonal changes powered by the sun causes shifting weather patterns and ocean currents, which create the conditions for some of the planet’s most spectacular wildlife events.

Nature's Great Events

Combining epic cinematography with all the emotion, intimacy, Sir David Attenborough accessibility and storytelling of a wildlife diary, Nature’s Great Events charts the effects of global climatic phenomena that transform entire landscapes, drawing in thousands of animals and determining their fate.

Grizzly Bears Catching Salmon

The series kicks off by taking a closer look at different species responding to the annual summer thaw of sea ice in the Arctic. Polar bears, narwhals, guillemots and Arctic foxes all get to grips with their environment changing dramatically.

Other episodes follow the annual salmon run in North America, where hundreds of millions of fish return to the streams they were born in to spawn and die; a year in the life of the Ndutu lion pride on the Serengeti; an enormous sardine run along the east coast of South Africa; the transformation of the Kalahari from desert into lush wetlands; and the 3,000-mile journey of humpback whales from Hawaii to Alaska in early spring.