About Nigel Marven's Yunnan Adventure

Naturalilst and broadcaster Nigel Marven travels to the most remote parts of China to uncover some of the world’s rarest animals and travel across some of the world’s most remote and inhospitable terrain.

Nigel Marven holding a Spenglers turtle

© Alex Minton

This Eden exclusive sees Nigel jet off to the Yunnan, China's most southern-most province, which hosts over 600 rivers and some of the world’s most spectacular mountain landscapes.

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Nigel travels among the peaks of Yunnan to meet a host of peculiar creatures.

The black snub-nose monkey lives at higher altitudes than any other primate except humans, the exquisite Fea's viper is a missing link in the snake world, while tree shrews, our distant ancestors, live in the peaks above Kunming, Yunnan's capital city.

There'll also be red pandas, giant salamanders as long as Nigel is tall, and rare green peacocks, the inspiration for China's famous Peacock Dance.

All in all, it's the journey of a lifetime.