About Oceans

Filmed during the course of one year and using the latest in marine photography technology, Oceans is a landmark, eight-part series that explores the planet’s oceanic geography.

Ocean Waves

Oceans cover two-thirds of the surface of our planet and are vital to our ongoing survival. A team of intrepid adventurers – led by explorer Paul Rose, and including environmentalist Philippe Cousteau (grandson of the legendary Jacques-Yves Cousteau), maritime archaeologist Dr Lucy Blue and marine biologist Tooni Mahto – set out on a series of underwater scientific expeditions to build up the ultimate oceanic profile.

Their search for answers takes them on a voyage of discovery to the Arctic, Southern and Indian Oceans, the Atlantic, the Red Sea, the Sea Of Cortez and the Mediterranean. The team venture into some of the planet’s most challenging environments and with the help of scientists and dive teams they descend beneath frozen Arctic ice sheets, dive into mysterious black holes in the Bahamas and plunge into dark waters with the infamous Humboldt squid.