A Year in Adventures

Lonely Planet: A Year of Adventures

Lonely Planet: A Year of Adventures

One amazing year: 52 adventures by Lonely Planet's Travel Editor Tom Hall.

Ben Miller Science Q&A

Ben Miller Science Q&A

Ben Miller hosted an Eden Science Month Q&A to celebrate the launch of The Eden Articles.

Music from our Trailers

Eden's Advert Music

Find out the song and the artist used in Eden's adverts and then listen on Spotify!



Get the family together and play the UKTV Christmas quiz.

Caption This: Mudskippers


Do you have a caption for these mudskippers from Life?

Sir David Attenborough Profile

Sir David Attenborough Profile

Learn about the life of the presenter who has brought wildlife to the mainstream.


Giraffe Facts and Photos

The world’s tallest land animal, giraffes are one of the most unique species on Earth.


Lemur Facts and Photos

The isolated island of Madagascar is famous for its lemur inhabitants.


Sloth Facts and Photos

Sloths have come to symbolise laziness but these magnificent animals aren't boring!

Zebra Domestication

Zebra Domestication

Zebras evolved among the Old World horses within the last 4 million years.

How Do Birds Fly?

How Do Birds Fly?

With some notable exceptions, most birds can fly with ease. But how do they do it?

How Did the Dinosaurs Become Extinct?

Why are Dinosaurs Extinct?

How did the dinosaurs become extinct? We put the top theories to the test.


Elephant Facts and Photos

Why do elephants favour one tusk? Do they really never forget?


Snake Facts and Photos

Which snake is the most venomous? And which is the swiftest?