Caption This!

Caption This: Michael Palin

Michael Palin

What do you think Michael Palin is showing off on his camera?

Caption This: Michael Mosley

Michael Mosley

Huffing and puffing along the boardwalk. What is Michael Mosley up to?

Caption This: Squid


A brief encounter in the deep. What do you think this squid makes of this odd creature?

Caption This: Stoats


Jumping for joy! Caption these stoats.

Caption This: Gull


What do you make of this gull chomping on a swarm of flies?

Caption This: Western Grebe

Western Grebe

Caption these western grebes engaging in an incredible courtship dance.

Caption This: Mudskippers


Do you have a caption for these mudskippers from Life?

Caption This: Aye-aye


Got a funny caption for this aye-aye from Life?