About The Ragged Tooth Shark

It’s a shark that can replace up to 30,000 teeth in its life; the same needle-like teeth it uses to kill and eat its siblings while still in its mother’s womb.

The Ragged Tooth Shark

The ragged-tooth shark is the only animal on Earth that is a cannibal before it’s even born, and its fearsome appearance suggest the "raggie" is a potential man-eater.

Diver and shark

In The Ragged Tooth Shark, a very different picture emerges as we follow this incredible shark on its biannual migration along the South African coast.

Here, the raggie population is healthy and stable and the shark is protected. As the animals move north towards their winter breeding grounds, they cross paths with the annual sardine run, taking advantage of this bounty of easy prey to fatten up before the mating season begins.

The show’s specialist camera crew ventures into the deep underwater caves at night to film dramatic mating behaviour that has never been observed in the wild before. The crew sets up special lighting in the caves, uncovering an eerie world rarely seen by humans.