About Ray Mears' Bushcraft

Ray Mears explores the art of outdoor living, practicing his knowledge of the natural world.

Ray Mears

Series 1

Episode 1 - Aboriginal Britain

Based in Britain Ray shows how Stone Age hunter-gatherers used the resources around them to feed and clothe themselves.

Ray Mears sets up camp

Ray Mears sets up camp

Episode 2 - Jungle Camp

Visiting the Yekuana of the Amazon, Ray sets up a jungle camp nearby. Encountering poison dart frogs and climbing into the forest canopy, Ray offers an insight into these isolated people.

Episode 3 - Jungle Trek

Ray treks through the Amazon to the tepuis, flat-topped mountain ranges, which inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World.

Episode 4 - Africa Camp

Ray Mears visits the Hadza of northern Tanzania, the last remaining of the true hunter-gatherers.

Episode 5 - Africa Safari

Heading out on a Maasai safari, Ray teams up with a warrior to explore the pristine habitat and learn more about the unique plants and animals that inhabit it.

Series 2

Episode 1 - Birch Bark Canoe

Ray holds the birch bark canoe in high regard. Having always wanted to construct one, Ray works with one of the last canoe-makers, Algonquin Pinock Smith.

Episode 2 - Canoe Journey

Paddling down the Missinaibi River in his canoe, Ray witnesses an unspoilt river, unchanged for three hundred years, and what was an essential route for the fur trade.

Ray Mears learns skills from the locals

Ray Mears learns skills from the locals

Episode 3 - American Prairies

Travelling in the footsteps of one of his mountain-men heroes, Jim Bridger, Ray makes a transport using willow and buffalo skin and visits the Shoshone.

Episode 4 - Sweden

This time Ray is in Sweden, where the ancient skills of bushcraft are still in daily use.

Episode 5 - Four Seasons

Ray uses his wealth of bushcraft knowledge to show which wild foods and plants are readily available with the changing seasons.