About Like a Sea Serpent

In every ocean around the world, sailors have fed the sea monster’s legend.

Like a Sea Serpent

This myth of an enormous and mysterious fish shaped like a snake has been haunting people’s imagination as well as the oceans’ depths for centuries and has been the subject of poems, sea shanties and cautionary tales.

Is the sea serpent an imaginary animal? Or do the countless stories have any facts at their core?

Thanks to extensive research, marine biologists have found that this chimera does exist. Rarely seen and only appearing very briefly, the oarfish’s gigantic dimensions and almost supernatural appearance have caused it to be called a serpent.

This unusual and underrated animal’s true nature can only be revealed through deep-sea explorations. And in Like A Sea Serpent we follow two biologists, Tyson Roberts and Mark Benfield, lead an expedition to gather footage of the oarfish – or sea serpent – that takes them from Thailand and Sweden to California and Mexico.