About The Secret Life of Primates

The Secret Life Of Primates features renowned primatologist Charlotte Uhlenbroek travelling to East Africa and Asia to get up close and personal with our nearest animal relative.

The Secret Life of Primates

Using her skills, knowledge and expertise throughout the series, Charlotte unravels the complex social and sexual dynamics of four primate groups – mountain gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees and baboons.

The first episode, Chimpanzees, starts in the forest of Budongo in central Uganda, home to around 700 Sonso chimpanzees. Charlotte builds a chimp nest to sleep high in the jungle canopy just like them. They are under threat from rival groups – can their leader, alpha male Nick, beat off the challenge and keep his community safe?

Charlotte then journeys to the plains of Tanzania to infiltrate a group of wild baboons in a bid to uncover their secret and complex social structures, learns the ropes at a school for orphaned orangutans in Borneo, and forages for food with silverback gorillas in Uganda’s Bwindi Forest.