About Secrets of Our Living Planet

In this four-part series, we discover how some of life's greatest creations work.

Grizzly bear

Life defines our planet, but until recently its ability to flourish has remained a mystery. New scientific discoveries can now reveal the improbable connections, bizarre behavioural strategies and intricate mechanisms that make life on Earth possible.

Pampas deer & termite mound

In this four-part series, we discover why the Brazil nut tree depends on a sharp-toothed rodent for its existence, as well as finding out why elephants are crucial to keeping the East African grasslands in shape. And then there’s the question why an intricate relationship between hawksbill turtles and sponges is vital to the health of the coral reef. Using high-end and cutting edge filming techniques, Secrets of Our Living Planet discovers the secrets of our most crucial habitats and reveals why they are so special.